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Graphite – an essential material for Lithium-ion batteries

  • Li-ion battery has Cathode (+ve) and an Anode (-ve).

  • The Cathode is made up from the metal hydrides, such as Nickle, Manganese, Cobalt etc.

  • The Cathode holds the Li+ ions when the battery discharges.

  • The Anode is made from graphite.

  • Natural spherical purified graphite (SPG) comprises 45-55% of Li-ion battery anode, the balance is typically synthetic graphite and silica.

  • The Anode holds the Li+ ion when the battery is charged.

  • Without graphite there will be no Li-ion batteries.

≈8x more Graphite than Lithium in a Li-ion Battery

Lithium Energy is developing a vertically integrated Battery Anode Manufacturing business in Queensland.