BAM Graphite Project

Lithium Energy is focused on developing a vertically integrated Battery Anode Material (BAM) business in Queensland. The BAM Graphite Project consists of a PSG Facility located in Queensland, Australia and is supported by two high-grade graphite deposits the Burke and Corella.

The BAM Strategy

BAM Manufacturing Facility

  • Shaping and spheronising testwork successfully produced two industry standard products.

  • Overall spheronising recovery >60% achieved.

  • Highly purified SPG >99.95%TGC, using environmentally safe, non-hydrofluoric acid purification process achieved.

  • Unpurified, spherical graphite from Burke deposit achieved electrical capacities of 344 – 356 mAh/g.

  • Bagged product will be exported in containers from the Townsville port.

  • USA, Japan, EU, India and Korea will be the target consumer destinations.

Note: Product 2 recovery is 24.3% of the 47.7% non-recovered material from
Product 1, which is equal to an overall recovery

Graphite Inventory

The Company has a total Graphite Inventory (across the Burke and Corella Graphite Deposits) of 2.6Mt of contained graphite, with both deposits open at depth and along strike.

Burke Graphite Deposit

Testwork on Burke Graphite has confirmed:

  • Burke graphite is suitable as feedstock for the Li-ion battery anode making process. 
  • Flake concentrate of purity in excess of 95% TGC, with recoveries of >85% can be produced using a standard flotation process.1

Burke Graphite Deposit JORC Mineral Resource

  • Total Mineral Resource of 9.1Mt at 14.4% Total Graphitic Carbon (TGC) for a total of 1.3Mt contained graphite (at a 5% TGC cut-off grade), comprising:
    • Indicated Mineral Resource of 4.5Mt at 14.7% TGC for 670kt of contained graphite; and
    • Inferred Mineral Resource of 4.5Mt at 14.2% TGC for 640kt of contained graphite.

  • Within the mineralisation envelope there is included a higher grade Total Mineral Resource of 7.1Mt at 16.2% TGC for 1.1Mt of contained graphite (at a 10% TGC cut-off grade).
Mineral Resource CategoryWeathering StateResource (Mt)Total Graphitic Carbon (TGC) (%)Contained Graphite (kt)
Indicated Mineral ResourceWeathered0.212.530
Inferred Mineral ResourceWeathered0.18.110
Total Indicated and Inferred Mineral ResourceWeathered0.311.140


Corella Graphite Deposit

Corella Graphite Deposit JORC Mineral Resource

  • Inferred Mineral Resource delivers 13.5Mt at 9.5% TGC for 1.3Mt contained graphite (at a 5% TGC cut-off grade).

  • Within the mineralisation envelope, there is included a higher grade Inferred Mineral Resource of 4.5Mt at 12.7% TGC for 0.57Mt of contained graphite (at a 10% TGC cut-off grade).
Mineral Resource CategoryWeathering StateResource (Mt)Total Graphitic Carbon (TGC) (%)Contained Graphite (kt)
Inferred Mineral ResourceWeathered4.59.7440



  1. ASX Announcement 24 May 2023 – Excellent Metallurgical Testwork Results at Burke Graphite Project Pave Way for Commencement of PFS ↩︎

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