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Mr Farooq Khan

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Farooq Khan is a qualified lawyer having previously practised principally in the field of corporate law.  Mr Khan has extensive experience in the securities industry, capital markets and the executive management of ASX-listed companies.  In particular, Mr Khan has guided the establishment and growth of a number of public listed companies in the investment, mining and financial services sector. 

He has considerable experience in the fields of capital raisings, mergers and acquisitions and investments.

Farooq Khan is an Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Queste Communications Ltd (ASX:QUE) (since 10 March 1998) and Executive Chairman of Orion Equities Limited (ASX:OEQ) (since 23 October 2006), Strike Resources Limited (ASX:SRK) (since 18 December 2015; Director since 1 October 2015) and Bentley Capital Limited (ASX:BEL) (since 2 December 2003).

Mr Farooq Khan


35+ years experience in capital markets, securities and management of ASX listed companies (Bjuris, LLB).

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